Meet Our New Members!

Zeta Tau Alpha recently celebrated our Spring Bid Day! We welcomed four of the most amazing girls on campus into our home to be a ZTA! We’ve had our eye on these girls for quite a while, and we’re so excited to introduce them to you!


Meet Anna, a Junior Elementary Education major from Killen, Alabama! She’s on Union’s cross country team (who won the Gulf South Championship), Junior Council, Student Activities Council, and attends Cornerstone Community Church. She loves to read, eat junk food while binge watching Netflix, and go on adventures with her friends. Anna said she chose ZTA because, “I’ve always admired the way the girls in ZTA represented themselves and thought that ZTA seemed like a really quality organization. I also wanted to develop closer friendships and meet new people, and ZTA is a great way to do that.” You’re so right, Anna, and we’re so glad that you’re a part of it!


Meet Mary Scarlett, a Sophomore Communications major from Franklin, Tennessee! Mary Scarlett is a member of the Kappa Pi Honorary Art Fraternity on campus, and runs her own Etsy store. You should see her work, it’s absolutely amazing! (Click here to check it out!) In her free time she loves painting, dancing, and shooting rifles! Mary Scarlett chose ZTA because she, “Really wanted a great group of girls to belong to, and two of my roommates were always talking about how fun it was. I’m so excited to be a part of it now!” We’re so excited to have you, Mary Scarlett!

1376460_10203390181496209_187290735647576306_nMeet Madison, a Freshman Social Work major from Jackson, Tennessee! She loves going on mission trips, especially to Costa Rica. She got to play and spend time with all the kids, and sharing Christ with them was her favorite experience. She loves spending time with her friends whether they’re on vacation or just riding around town listening to music. Her favorite place to go is the beach, and she loves having fun and spending time with family! Madison said, “I chose ZTA because I wanted to become more involved with serving others, to make life-long friendships with my sisters, and to be there for each other through the ups and downs. I was so blessed to already know so many sweet girls in ZTA, some who have already made an impact in my life.” And you’ve already impacted ours, Madison!


Meet Amy, a Freshman from Killen, Alabama! She runs cross country at Union, and was also on the Gulf South Championship-winning team. (Click here to read all about it!) Amy loves playing tennis, watching Netflix, and spontaneously dropping everything to go on adventures. She said, “One of the main reasons I joined ZTA is because my roommate is a member, so I got a firsthand glance at what it was like to be a Zeta. After meeting many members, I realized ZTA provided an opportunity to form strong relationships with sweet and genuine girls who love Christ. That was extremely appealing and I’m so glad I decided to join!” And so are we, Amy!

Zeta Tau Alpha is home to a diverse group of girls, and we are so blessed to be able to call these four our new sisters! They are leaders, athletes, artists, adventurers, Netflix-watchers, servants, Christ-lovers, and now ZTAs. We could not ask for better additions to our sisterhood! Welcome home, ladies!



It’s the Little Things That Make a Big Difference

In Zeta Tau Alpha we value the relationships between our sisters, and none is more special than the bond between Big and Little.

If you’re not familiar with sorority big and little sisters, when a new member joins the sorority she gets to know many of the older members. The members who decide to “pick up” a Little are matched with a new member by preference. The older member is the Big, and the younger is the Little. They remain a pair throughout their time in the sorority and long after graduation. The Big becomes a mentor and friend to her Little, and they share an unexplainable bond.


I interviewed Laura R. and Rachel L. about their relationship as Big and Little.


Me: Rachel, what’s it like being a Little?

Rachel: I love having someone to look up to and always look after me. Being spoiled was also fun! I’m never going to turn down a present.


Me: Oh, of course not! What was your favorite gift during Big Little Week?

Rachel: Laura… and t-shirts! (She says with a laugh.)


During Big Little Week, the Big finds out who her Little is, but the Little won’t know until the end of the week. The Big gives four baskets filled with crafts, t-shirts, and other ZTA related gifts to her Little. It’s one of the most fun weeks of the entire year, and every single Little gets spoiled beyond belief.


Me: What are some of your favorite things about Laura?

Rachel: She’s a friend who cares for me and loves me like a mom… a cool mom.


Me: Laura, do you like being a Big? What’s it like on your side?

Laura: I love it so much. It really is like being a mom. I get to look out for her and take pictures when she does something precious. I call them “mom moments.”


Me: What’s your favorite thing about Rachel?

Laura: She is so comfortable in who she is.


Me: Do you remember when you first knew you wanted Rachel to be your Little?

Laura: Yes! It was at the organization fair during FOCUS week when I first met her. She was adorable.


Me: What are some things you two like to do together?

Laura: Fishing and hiking…

Rachel: And having New Girl marathons.

Laura: I made her a jar of messages and quotes, and so we go through those sometimes. There are sweet ones like things I love about her, and then funny things Schmidt says in New Girl.

Rachel: It’s hilarious!


Me: What’s your favorite memory together?

*They look at each other and laugh*

Laura and Rachel: Fishing! (They say in unison.)

Rachel: I got my lure stuck in a tree twice, and we couldn’t find the lake to save our lives. We kept walking around for 30 minutes, not knowing where we were going.

Laura: Once we got there we realized it was 30 seconds away from where we parked.


The two also took a spontaneous trip to spend the night in Memphis two weeks ago. They love going on adventures.


Me: Try to describe your Big Little relationship.

Laura: It’s like a mom and daughter, but also not.

Rachel: It’s a very, very supportive friendship.


The bond between a big and little is almost impossible to put into words…


Laura: It’s made my time in Zeta Tau Alpha so meaningful. She’s my person.

Rachel: Yeah, you get your own person… and that’s pretty great.


But I’d say they got pretty close.


Laura R. (on the left) and her little sister Rachel L. (on the right)

2015 Executive Council

After much prayerful consideration, we are proud to announce our new Beta Omega Executive Council for 2015!

Name: McKinley Tribble
Position: President
Bio: McKinley is a junior Elementary Education major from Springville, AL. Her favorite memory in ZTA is wearing spirit buns to every variety show practice last year. 

Name: Hannah Richardson
Position: Vice President I – Program Council
Bio: Hannah is a junior Cell & Molecular Biology major from Columbia, TN. She enjoys going on road trips with her friends, singing to Taylor Swift, and decorating for Christmas long before it’s necessary. 

Name: Laura Ritcheson
Position: Vice President II – New Members
Bio: Laura is a sophomore Marketing and Psychology major from Germantown, TN. She loves cooking and baking, hiking with her precious Little, and going to concerts with her sisters.

Name: Kelly Gwartney
Position: Vice President III – Recruitment
Bio: Kelly is a sophomore Elementary Education major from Jackson, TN. Her favorite ZTA memory is the “Miss Gimme S’more” pageant we had at retreat, where girls dressed crazy and showed “talents” to the judges. 

Name: Autumn Berry
Position: Treasurer
Bio: Autumn is a sophomore Elementary Education major from Knoxville, TN. Her favorite memory from ZTA was going on a sisterhood to a safari park. She actually got to feed a giraffe with a carrot from her mouth! 

Name: Bailey McNary
Position: Historian Reporter
Bio: Bailey is a sophomore Nursing major from Frisco, TX. She loves playing every intramural sport with her sisters, taking spontaneous road trips to Memphis, and spending time with her twin Littles. 

Name: Catherine Guthrie
Position: Rituals
Bio: Catherine is a sophomore Elementary Education major from Dyersburg, TN. On Big Little Halloween she was baby Jesus and her family was the three wise men. She was swaddled so tightly she couldn’t even walk. 

Name: Jana Ingram
Position: Risk Management
Bio: Jana is an Elementary Education major from Memphis, TN. She loves cuddling with her roommates to watch Netflix, taking spontaneous road trips with her sisters, and playing on the Zeta 3 flag football team. 

Name: Ruthie Johnson
Position: Panhellenic Delegate
Bio: Ruthie is a Christian Ministry major from Keller, TX. Her favorite memory was our homecoming sisterhood, ZTA Live, when we played improv games and laughed for hours. 

Name: Kaylene Portell
Position: Recording Secretary
Bio: Kaylene is a junior Social Work major from DeSoto, MO. Her favorite memory was welcoming our new members and rho chis home on Bid Day 2014, which happened to be on her birthday!